Flow in your Supply Chain

A good Supply Chain means good flow. Flow of materials, flow of information, flow of documents. In reality, however, there are bottlenecks, equipment breaking down, materials not arriving in time, etc. You probably wanted to pick these problems up and solve them, but did not have the time to do so….. An excellent opportunity to start a small project to improve now!

Quality Control: What is right?

Delivering a good quality product to the customer is very important. Quality control can sometimes be time consuming and there are always questions such as: are we measuring the right values? Should we measure more or less frequently? Is the whole team measuring in the same way? Let’s find answers!

Having data without knowing……

In an average process, a lot of data is already available. Sometimes it is isn’t obvious. Data can be hidden or in the wrong format. Some people love looking at this data. But is it the right type? What kind of conclusions can we derive from this data? Do we actually need it or can we stop collecting this data? A short data analysis will give insights!

Project Portfolio

Over the years, BlackSmit Solutions has built up a diverse project portfolio. From data analysis supporting growth strategies, practical process & quality improvement support, training & implementation of LEAN tools, to project management of large CAPEX projects.

See below a short description of projects executed in recent years:

✔️ Implemented an improved Quality Assurance process for design documents at a large shipbuilding company. This included training of all design departments & development of a supporting IT-tool.

✔️ Data analysis & implementation of short/long term action plan for large multinational in the chemical industry to support their 10yr growth strategy.

✔️ Workload analysis & OEE analysis for mining company on their drilling rigs & crews, resulting in a 30% productivity improvement.

✔️ Training in Lean tools for a small finance consultancy company, to better serve their customers.

✔️ Implementation of real-time dashboard for production flows at a large supplier in food industry, resulting in 20% productivity improvement.

✔️ Creating of a “Value Stream Map” for large chemical producer, showing all the flows (materials and information) in their current processes and future optimization possibilities, resulting in 10% productivity improvement & reaching their 5 year growth target.

✔️ Project manager of RFI & RFQ process for several CAPEX investment & service agreements in logistics & maintenance.