Introduction to Lean or Six Sigma

Training in Lean or Six Sigma sounds long and intensive….but it doesn’t need to be. In an afternoon, you can understand how Lean tools such as 5WHY or a Problem Solving Sheet can be applied in your job straight away. We will take real life examples to start working with the material immediately.


Lean Six Sigma introduction training

1 day
  • History of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Introduction to LEAN tools
  • Which tools are beneficial for your company?
  • Practise in work situations

5S: Get much more than a clean and tidy work space!

The well-known tool of 5S can help you clean up and tidy up your workspace. It does not matter if it is a manufacturing environment, team office, workshop or shipyard. It will deliver you much more than just a tidy workspace, if applied correctly! We offer training (in multiple sessions) for all employees in 5S.


5S workshop

1-5 days /area
  • Basics of 5S
  • What will it deliver?
  • Transforming the area in your business
  • Coaching & aftercare

Implementing Tier Meetings

Many day-to-day issues can be solved in your organization by having the right information flow and escalation of issues to the right person. This is done by having the right daily meeting structure in place, where actions deliver real results and other meetings become obsolete!


Tier Meeting implementation

1-2 day /week
  • Introduction to Tier meeting structure
  • Setting up the structure
  • Implementation in daily operation
  • Coaching of employees
See below a short video introducing the Lean Six Sigma methodology, made by Simplilearn.